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Get Smart On Smart Money

This flagship presentation is targeted towards entrepreneurs who are fund-raising

So you have a great idea but you have no money. Or you are a small firm and need money to grow. Unfortunately most finance classes do not prepare you for this. It addresses key questions which challenge all entrepreneurs: Should you raise money? Who should you raise it from? When should it be raised? what is a reasonable valuation of the company? What do investors look for?

What You Will Learn:

– What is smart money?

– How do you raise money from and why to propel your business for fast growth?

– What are the emerging trends in venture fund-raising and how do you position yourself?

– 10 things you should pay attention to in raising smart money

– What is the difference between venture-fund-raising between the East and the West?

At the end of the presentation, you will understand the psyche of VCs so you are better positioned to consider them as an option and to work with them.

Why Attend?

– Are you thinking about starting a new business?
– What is bootstrapping?
– How do you find investors?
– And many more questions will be answered!

Includes a complimentary e-copy of Way Of the VC – Top Venture Capitalists On Your Board

(5-star rated on Amazon)

Editorial Reviews


The Way of the VC is the best book I have read on venture capital with thoughtful advice for the entrepreneur. Yinglan captures the wisdom of the ages, with the vision of an oracle he captures how a venture capitalist thinks, and how the best ones act.
Timothy C. Draper, Founder & Managing Director, Draper Fisher JurvetsonWith the emergence of venture capital investment as a professional practice, understanding the way in which this industry works is critically important for practitioners and would-be practitioners, whether they are (or aspire to be) working for entrepreneurial ventures, venture firms, or large institutional capital pools. I applaud Yinglan Tan, who has distilled many interesting “war stories” and experiences of venture capitalists into a useful and effective framework in The Way of the VC.
Professor Josh Lerner, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School 

Yinglan gives valuable accounts coupled with insightful observations about the past, present and future of an industry that is still in its infancy–but growing up fast. The book will also help entrepreneurs who need venture capital financing by showing them how VCs add value to their companies. This book belongs in the library of anyone who has ever taken a serious interest in venture capital.
Neil Shen, Founding and Managing Partner, Sequoia Capital China

Venture capitalists rely heavily on personal judgment and experience. This extensive collection of shared wisdom and viewpoints is therefore a valuable addition to the growing number of VC textbooks and war stories. Yinglan has skillfully captured the Tao of VC practitioners and entrepreneurs in a lively and enlightening book.
Lin Hong Wong, Author of Venture Capital Fund Management

Top-flight entrepreneurs are blessed with terrific ideas and boundless energy. But lacking capital, they must join together with VCs. The prescription is easy, the implementation tough. Entrepreneurs and VCs differ in orientation, background and interests. In this lively and insightful volume, Yinglan Tan tells how entrepreneurs can handle the relationship effectively, from early-stage conception through to a thriving company.
Richard Zeckhauser, Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University

“Yinglan gets into the minds of venture capitalists to show us how they think. There is much in common between VCs from the West and those from the East, but also much that is importantly different.”

Tarun Khanna, Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at the Harvard Business School and Best-Selling Author, Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India are Reshaping Their Futures and Yours

I have taught private equity courses for MBA’s and executives for fifteen years, and I have seldom run across such insight. Based on painstaking research, Yinglan Tan has demystified the venture capital investment process. If you want to know how venture capitalists think, what they are looking for, and how to choose one, read this book. Venture investors looking to grow in Asia will find penetrating observations and valuable advice. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in building high-growth companies.

Professor Philip Anderson, INSEAD Alumni Fund Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurship & Academic Director, The Abu Dhabi Centre

Product Description

Venture Capital funds are the fastest growing sector of the financial industry, and possibly the least understood. In this book, the author provides a primer on what some of the world’s best venture capitalists have in common. How do the world’s top venture capitalists consistently obtain supernormal returns? How do they add value to entrepreneurs they have backed? Why is a top venture capitalist like a skilled chef?

  • How did Lip Bu Tan, when he was Chairman of Walden, manage to invest in Creative Technology, despite the CEO’s aversion for VCs?
  • How did Nam Ho, Founder and Managing Partner of Altos Venture, turn an introduction by a Stanford Business School professor into a venture capital firm managing a quarter billion dollars of capital?
  • How does Bing Gordon, Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and author of the business plan that resulted in KPCB’s investment in Electronic Arts, time exits properly?
  • Why did Soo Boon Koh, Managing Director of IGlobe Ventures, back a GPS company which was filing for Chapter 11, in the post 9-11 market?

The Way of the VC: Having Top Venture Capitalists on Your Board is essential reading for venture capital practitioners, including partners, principals, analysts, consultants and limited partners–both institutional and private. It is also useful to students of finance who want a better understanding of what goes on in the venture capital world.



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